Friday, March 21, 2014

My Curiosity Cabinet

According to Wikipedia, Cabinets of curiosities (also known as Kunstkabinett, Kunstkammer, Wunderkammer, Cabinets of Wonder, and wonder-rooms) were encyclopedic collections of objects whose categorical boundaries were, in Renaissance Europe, yet to be defined. Modern terminology would categorize the objects included as belonging to natural history(sometimes faked), geology, ethnography, archaeology, religious or historical relics, works of art and antiquities. The curiosity cabinet was regarded as a microcosm or theater of the world, and a memory theater. 

I have always collected small things. All kinds of things, anything and everything that I like, love or means something to me. I have collected rocks, gems and sea shells since I was a kid, and anything else that strikes my fancy. I have always had some of these items on display in every home that I have live in, but they are so small and so random that it never seemed to work to have a large part of my collection out. When I remodeled my current house, I decided to find a large glass cabinet to display my "things" in. After a long search, I found the perfect cabinet at Antiquarian in Spokane. This beautiful antique cabinet is the perfect "Cabinet of Curiosity". Finally, most of my little curiosities are displayed where I can enjoy them. I hope that you enjoy seeing some of them, too.  

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Collecting: Antique Pincushions and Sewing Items

I can't tell you why I love antique sewing items, especially pincushions, but I absolutely adore them. I love them when they have the wear of years of use, and the signs of the many hands that have used them. I love them when they have been repaired and mended, like the sewing they were made to assist with. The funny thing about my passion for sewing antiques, is that I don't do much sewing myself. I like to sew and I admire people with talent for sewing, and maybe that is were my appreciation comes from...I hope one day I will allow myself the time to develop my skill at this domestic art form. But even if I never do, I have these beautiful little reminders of the women who spent their lives mending, making clothes, quilts and all the other things their family needed.
The pincushions (and string holder) are all from my collection. I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I enjoyed sharing them with you.

A couple of fantastic hand made pincushions. I love how they used what they had.

These are two of my favorites. They are antique Amish Puzzle Balls. Originally made as pincushions, now popular as baby toys.
Here is an antique pincushion that I found while antiquing in Palouse, WA.

I was lucky enough to find this antique Christening or birth announcement pillow or cushion a couple of years ago at a sale. The saying is spelled out with steel straight pins. They were made and given as a baby gift to a new mother and were traditionally hung on the front door to announce the birth. This pincushion is probably from the late 1700s to early 1800s and was found in Scotland.

This is a very old embroidered antique string holder from Europe. This one was found in England.
I love the pale green of this vintage tomato pincushion.

A variety of antique pincushions. I use them to display trinkets.

This large vintage strawberry was found on a trip to Tucson.

These are new strawberries (the one on top is made from an old army blanket and cotton velvet). The make-do is newly made out of antique quilt.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas at Home 2013

We waited, I promise!
My china that gets used once a year. India Tree by Spode, I still love it after all these years.
The piano top. Covered with antique mica snow.
Two of my absolute favorite antique Christmas decorations. It took me years to find them,  I love these Victorian mercury glass deer.
We opted for a simple appetizer platter this Christmas.

My huge hand turned dough bowl. It stays on our harvest table all year and I change the contents based on the season. The crochet thread is from the old Crescent. 
I love decorating with old ornaments, but I never put them on the tree. They get the attention they deserve this way.
Rudolph, what else?
This little guy followed me home from the shop!
Hand-carved Mexican Milagros covered angel I purchased on my last trip to Seattle. She stays up all year, but shes especially perfect for Christmas.
I thought it would be fun to share some of my Christmas decorations from my home. 
We usually get the decorating finished late, since we so much decorating at the shop. But somehow, we always seem to get it done a few days before the big day. Since we have a tradition of leaving the Christmas up until after New Year's Day (at least) we get to enjoy it a little longer. I always feel like it's still Christmas until then. So from our family to yours, I hope you enjoy a little glimpse into our home. Happy holidays and Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Show 2013

First of all, we would like to wish all of our wonderful customers a very Merry Christmas. And to thank you for supporting us throughout the year. You are the best! We are also blessed to have such a devoted group of vendors and friends. They make our show so special, from their amazing attitudes to their fabulous displays. I want to thank each and every one for their hard work; the show wouldn't be what it is without them.
We had a very successful show, with our biggest attendance ever; it was one crowded Grange! I hope you enjoyed this little tour of the show.