Sunday, April 4, 2010

We Love...

...antique keys. We have been collecting keys for many years. Some were collected out of necesity (to lock the bathroom door in our old  house!), some because they were left over, or found in barns and garages, and some because they were just too beautiful or interesting to part with. Some were even used to make art; remember framed (harvest gold) felt wall hangings with antique keys (and other antique items) glued to them? Some of our keys still wear remnants of their felty past. Many of our keys were just stored away in coffee cans over the years. I use keys quite often in my jewerly and Dianna has been recreating some fun wire pieces she designed to sell at shows years ago. We even have some great extra-large European keys in our shop. Stay tuned for these fun items at our show in May. Hope everyone has a very Happy Easter Sunday!

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