Thursday, April 15, 2010

Collecting: Vintage Hankies

I have collected vintage hankies for years and I just love their beautiful, colorful prints and all the creative things that can be done with them - other than the originally intended use, of course! I often use mine on tables, instead of a doily, or put them in a basket as a liner. They can be used to wrap gifts, make sachets, window valances and I've seen them used as watchbands. The great thing is that they are still inexpensive and can be easily found at yard and estate sales. If they have stains, I soak them in Biz and I always iron mine with light starch after I launder them. I store mine in a vintage hanky box that I found at Goodwill, when they are not being used. The list of possible uses for hankies is endless and even though we don't carry hankies like we used to, doesn't mean we can't enjoy these little textile treasures for years to come. How do you use your vintage hankies?

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  1. Oh YES....hankies are 1 of my favorite treasures to collect! They remind me of my Grandma who always had one, up her dress sleeve. Good memories!
    Deb :)

  2. I remember getting a pack of floral hankies for my birthday when I was pretty little. It was probably my grandmother who gave them to me!


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