Monday, February 22, 2010

Mata Ortiz Pottery Bracelet


One of my favorite finds at one of the many gem shows in Tucson,  was this beautiful bracelet made from a shard of Mata Ortiz pottery. Mata Ortiz pottery is some of the most beautiful, intricate pottery in the world, but unfortunately, during the firing process, some pieces break. The company, Mata Ortiz To You has come up with a very unique solution. They take the broken pieces to a master silver smith in Taxco, Mexico and have gorgeous jewelry made from them. I love that they are saving what would otherwise be a lost work of art and creating a whole new, wearable work of art out of it. Talk about recycling!  The bracelet above is the piece that I purchased at the To Bead True Blue show. If you would like to learn more about Mata Ortiz Pottery, the potters and the jewelry, or to purchase pottery or jewelry, please visit their MataOrtizToYou

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