Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Barn Bazaar Gift Basket

At each show, we have a drawing for a gift basket. This summer's basket is the best one yet! The contents include: a fun vintage style shopping tote (from our store), a vintage chalk ware fruit wall hanging, a vintage paper fan, a colorful vintage tablecloth (from the old Crescent store), a copy of Romantic Homes, a brand-new copy of the Apron Book and of course, an apron to go along with it. Just come to the show, fill out a ticket and drop it in the green coffee pot to enter. Just that easy. The drawing will be held on Sunday evening, after the show.

Speaking of drawings, congratulations to Pamela! She won the Two Women soldered necklace.

Read what Megan Cooley wrote about our show at You can also find her at


  1. I like your blog.I'm waiting for your new posts.

  2. Love the basket. Too bad I'm too far away to come to the show.

  3. Oh! I found the answer to my question on the Wylie family's site. Noon to 3 each day.

  4. Looks like my first comment didn't appear. Sorry for any confusion. I was just wondering what time the band was planning to play. My husband said I could bring him with me if he was guaranteed some bluegrass. :)
    And also--thank you for plugging my blogs! Best of luck with the show.

  5. Thank you so much for the lovely post about our show on your blog. I'm sure your husband will love the band. I Look forward to meeting you at the show!


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