Monday, May 4, 2009

Hurd Mercantile in Rockford, WA

Yesterday, Nina and I took a drive down to the nearby town of Rockford to shop at the Hurd Mercantile. This fabulous shop truly is like the old-time mercantile store. They sell a little bit of everything from kitchen essentials and wine to beautiful children's items and jewelry. Everything is beautifully arranged, and you could easily spend hours browsing through the store. We had a wonderful time shopping, and the drive to get to Rockford is gorgeous.

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  1. Neat site! You have a fabulous selection at Hurd's!

    I look forward to informing my readers about your special events. Watch for the feature article about what's fun in the Palouse! Coming soon.

    Mona Vanek, Montana Scribbler
    Editor - The North Palouse Washington e-Newscast,

    (509) 291-3609


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